Elementary Vital - just £6.20 per week. Free UK shipping.

Elementary Vital - just £6.20 per week. Free UK shipping.

Elementary - Superfood Supplement. A potent powdered blend of the highest quality superfoods. Rich in lignans, anthocyanins Omega 3, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, combined to promote digestive, immune system and cardiovascular health as well as overall vitality. Source of protein and iron. GMO free, gluten free, suitable for vegans and diabetics, no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

The Elements
Start feeling the benefits of superfoods today...

Start feeling the benefits of superfoods today...

Our UK made, highest quality superfood supplement is now available for you to order. Buy today and get FREE UK SHIPPING.


Our story

We are David and Dr. Paul, a world renowned nutritionist and scientist, both bonkers about health, wellness and nutrition. We are creating a range of superfood mixtures that will enhance nutrition naturally through easy to use powders, and replace manufactured supplements as far as we can. 

ELEMENTARY - Vital. We developed Vital 3 years ago for our own personal use and, after bragging about the tangible benefits we noticed, we were very quickly inundated with requests from friends and family for their own pouch of the ELEMENTARY superfood supplement. Their ongoing positive feedback (and they are the toughest guineapigs we promise!) drove us to take the plunge and  make it available more widely, so that anyone could enjoy the taste and gain health benefits we realised were substantial.

Reassured by our consumer trials we went to work to bring it to life. That was an endeavour indeed, but we made it and are proud to have created the most authentic product we know in our segment. We source all ingredients personally, from the best growers around the world. There is no compromise.

We sleep well at night knowing that everyone using ELEMENTARY is benefitting from this mega-healthy product, due to the all natural, botanical, plant based, gluten free, high fibre, premium quality, nutrient rich ingredients - including potent Omega 3, anthocyanins, lignans, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibre. And a lot more that we won't bore you with here but do play a valuable role.

Throughout our journey, we have noticed many people jumping on the nutrition supplement bandwagon, and our Elementary Dietitians continually analyse products in the marketplace. It is surprising that many competitors do not have the potency of individual ingredients to have any nutritional benefit. Rest assured, Elementary is formulated to work, and we stand by it!  

Our mission

The mission at Elementary is simple: to help busy people improve their nutrition and health. We do this through a unique mix of science and tradition.

Our dedicated group of highly qualified nutrition experts prepare tactical blends of nutrient-rich ingredients sourced from all over the globe. These mixtures of both scientific and traditional plant compounds are formulated by Elementary’s dedicated research and development team to deliver optimum health and wellness benefits.

The future

Our team is working on Elementary product extensions – more innovative tactical blends of superfoods. We pride ourselves on the authenticity of our product, and we love the way they bring their various benefits to so many.

Good nutrition - It’s ELEMENTARY!