Combat the Christmas crash with Elementary Vital

Combat the Christmas crash:

Elementary tips for enjoying the festive season and getting a nutritious head start on 2018 

At Elementary we love to celebrate the festive season - the fun, the feasting, the reminiscing, all the while preparing for an exciting fresh year ahead.

With all good intentions

It’s inevitable that many of us will overindulge. We will begin the new year facing the hurdle of getting back on track with resolutions for better nutrition, weight loss, alcohol abstinence, fitness and mindfulness.

This can actually take up to three months to resolve. So, for the whole first quarter of the year you feel regretful with an overwhelming feeling of missing out… this is very depressing and can really undermine our psychological wellbeing. Not a great way to start the new year, but so many of us do it.

The bleak midwinter

Combined with the post-festivities feelings, a grey and wet January and February (for those of us in the northern hemisphere) can leave us feeling miserable, when we should be embracing the opportunities a new year brings. This is the time to get a head start on feeling and looking terrific for the warmer seasons ahead. It does take time to implement our great intentions, and every year we see the surge in gym and fitness activity in March as people panic to get summer clothes and beach ready. Stress! 

On top of all of this, the winter months are rife with bugs and viruses that can ruin our fun and weaken our immune systems. Who wants to be laid up with a cold for New Year’s Eve, or even worse, to return to work not feeling 100%? 

A one blend winter wonder

Elementary Vital is supercharged with plant-based ingredients with health and wellbeing benefits that we all need at this time of year. Vital supports the immune system helping you to fend off those nasty winter bugs. It has cardiovascular & digestive health benefits, and is known to boost energy levels and recovery, which might just be the little push you need to get back into the gym now, rather than later. Vital increases satiety (makes you feel fuller!)  taking the edge off our appetite and helping reduce the amount of fat and carbohydrate absorbed. 

Entirely plant-based and loaded with omega 3&6 antioxidants, fibre, phytonutrients, Vitamin C, protein, iron and other important nutrients, Vital is an easy to use, delicious powder food supplement. You won’t have to measure and mix ingredients - our dieticians have done that for you - just add two teaspoons of Vital per day to your breakfast, smoothies, salads, soup, leftover turkey… What’s more, our product is gluten free, vegan & diabetic friendly.

Keep up the basics

We believe that nutrition supplements are best integrated with your favourite foods and lifestyle for long term enjoyment and benefit. A healthy, regular and balanced diet incorporating Elementary Vital when, and with what, you prefer is the trick to good health at Christmas, and all year round. Good nutrition should never be a chore!

Seasonal fruits & vegetables are nutritious and delicious when enjoyed at their best and add variety. You can blend Elementary Vital in with smoothies and protein shakes to add a blast of antioxidants, omegas and other nutrients to supercharge your fitness program.

Minimising fat and carbohydrate intake is a sure way to fast-track the process to feeling and looking great for the new year, so look out for alternatives which can be surprisingly satisfying. Finally, adequate rest nurtures and repairs the body and mind, so you feel and look ready to take on 2018 by the horns! 

If you want a boost this festive season, try  and receive a 25% discount (and free UK shipping) when bought online, just quote VITAL2018 at checkout.


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