Elementary Vital: helping busy, happy people live life to the full

We love hearing from our customers. Getting to know you and understanding your lifestyles helps us to help you, by producing and delivering a nutrition supplement that works for you.

It is great to receive feedback and useful suggestions and recently, we’ve enjoyed hearing from some Vital fans about their ‘Vital Facts’. Regular customers of Elementary have been sharing their top serving suggestions for Vital, including delicious porridge, fruit and soup suggestions. They have been telling us what they love about Vital and what keeps them coming back for more.

It has been great to see how our nutrition supplement – which we originally created for our own personal use – is making a difference to health, bodies, moods and lifestyles.

We have heard from families with working parents and sporty children who benefit from a sprinkle of Vital on their breakfast every morning. One customer told us how she is using Vital to support her journey to a ‘new self’; combatting 20 years’ of poor habits with healthy eating and more exercise. Paul, a dad, husband and busy accountant is happy when his family are happy and healthy – and Vital for everyone helps to achieve that. And Paul – we are happy when you are!

We developed Vital because, as busy ambitious people ourselves, we know how a full life can take its toll on mental and physical health. Being health conscious and really caring about what you put into your body can often feels at odds with enjoying life and your interests to the full. We are so happy to hear that Vital is helping our customers to stay happy, healthy and balanced, in an easy, tasty and affordable way.

We will be sharing our customers’ stories on social media over the next couple of weeks, just keep an eye out on for #MyVitalFacts on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Want to take part? We’d love to hear your Vital facts – just email info@elementary-life.com and tell us your favourite Vital recipe, why you love Vital and a little bit about yourself.

Good nutrition – it’s ELEMENTARY!


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