The evolution of Elementary Vital

Welcome to March, a month of new beginnings. Just over three years ago, we began a process which led us to where we are now, proud creators of the Elementary brand and our nutrition supplement, Vital. We believe in the uniqueness of our product because we developed it ourselves, and we believe in the effectiveness of our product, because we still benefit from it every day. So, here’s our story about how it all began…

Firstly, when we say ‘we’, we mean David and Dr Paul, a renowned nutritionist and scientist, both of us bonkers about health, wellness and nutrition.

We developed Elementary Vital three years ago for personal use, when frequent travel, digestive issues including IBS, weight gain, weak immune systems and low energy levels were taking their toll. We wanted something natural, plant-based and free from dairy, gluten, sugar and yeast, that was pleasant tasting and effective. We couldn’t find anything. Not only this, but we were alarmed to see how many supplements made claims that were - once analysed by our Dietitians – dubious to say the least. 

Having a clearer idea of what we wanted, and what we didn’t want, we decided to create a blend ourselves. We began by selecting various individual superfood ingredients based on their nutrition components, and then blended a range of mixtures, trialling them for palatability, portion size, nutrition benefits, effectiveness and value. The ambition was to achieve our desired nutrition table benefits using only five ingredients, whilst ensuring we had a great tasting supplement. Our  qualified dietitians controlled the development process, so our strapline “formulated by Dietitians” is underpinned by authenticity.

Once the five ingredient ratios for Vital had been finalised and the blend decided upon, we used this mixture ourselves daily over the next six months. We were amazed by the improvement in digestive issues, immune system strength, resting energy and overall vitality. Dr Paul specifically noticed that any IBS symptoms had all but disappeared, and recovery time after extensive travelling was dramatically reduced.

We were delighted to have family and friends saying how healthy we looked and asking ‘what we were taking’. We supplied our superfood blend to our family and friends, and when they began responding with similar positive feedback (and requests for more!), we started to consider whether we should make this blend more widely available. 

Knowing that we needed wider input into the product, we conducted consumer trials so that we could identify any flaws before formalising the attributes. The results? We were thrilled to record that Elementary Vital performed strongly in palatability, appeal, affordability, effectiveness and authenticity. Reassured by these results, our team went to work to bring our superfood supplement to life.

We are proud to have created the most authentic product we know of in the market for nutritional blends, health foods and superfood supplements. We support this authenticity by sourcing all ingredients personally, from the best quality ethical growers around the world. There is no compromise.

Positive feedback continues to come in from our customers, which drives us forward and makes us so proud of the origins of this product. We are excited to be working on other Elementary tactical nutrition blends, for active people with busy lifestyles and healthy aspirations – just like us!

Good nutrition – it’s ELEMENTARY!


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